Car Wash Loans

Cornerstone Lending provides an assortment of practical car wash financing services to American customers. Designed to help entrepreneurs who wish to acquire or re-finance car wash businesses, loans may be customized in order to meet specific needs. Small, medium or large amounts of money may be borrowed and repayment terms and conditions may also be tailored to particular business requirements and budgets.

Car Wash Loan Facts

Our loans come with low interest rates and they are fixed loans. You may choose financing of up to ninety percent, depending on your needs. Fixed-rate terms for this sort of financing range from five years to a decade. However, if real estate is part of the deal, you will qualify for a twenty-five year amortization period, pending loan application approval.

In addition, you’ll find that low and flexible pre-payment penalties make our financing options truly sensible choices. These loans feature lower overall costs to you and they don’t come with due diligence charges.

Loan Types to Consider

These days, credit is rather tight, which means that a lot of banks are reluctant to grant loans for car wash financing, despite positive amendments to the SBA (Small Business Administration) loan program.

Our Direct Commercial Loans are designed to help entrepreneurs take advantage of a key trend in their niche, which is increased demand for full-service car washes in certain regions of the USA.

Choose from three loan types in order to customize a financing experience to your specific needs. You may select a Car Wash Debt Consolidation and Refinance Loan which allows you to access cash for running your operation, while saving money on the cost of interest and applicable fees.

We also offer a Car Wash Construction and Development Loan which will allow you to take advantage of an opportunity in your chosen area. You’ll have a greater chance of approval if your car wash will be franchise-based or operate according to a trusted business model. Lastly, we provide Car Wash Purchase Loans.

Access Small, Medium or Large Loans

Our loan services are available to business owners from all walks of life. If you want to borrow a smaller amount, don’t hesitate to apply, as we do grant smaller loans on a regular basis. However, we also offer larger loans to those who want them. Our financial consultants are standing by to talk about what you need and to determine how we can help you.

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