Commercial Loans for Hotels and Motels

At Cornerstone Capital Lending, we specialize in providing flexible hotel/motel financing options, along with caring and personalized customer service. When you choose our company today, you’ll be able to apply for a loan which makes the cost of hotel/motel construction (or purchase) easier to manage.

Those who are daunted by the idea of arranging financing of this type should know that our services are very simple to access and that the loan application process is straightforward and easy to understand. We serve the needs of new entrepreneurs and established entrepreneurs/firms.

Hotel/Motel Financing Facts

Travel is a strong industry which tends to thrive despite the ups and down of the global economy. For this reason, many smart and savvy investors choose to build or purchase hotels and motels in order to access lucrative and dependable income streams.

Our company recognizes the inherent value of hotel/motel ownership/investment. For this reason, our team of financial experts support entrepreneurs by offering them cutting-edge hotel/motel financing options, for affordable rates.

Clients who are approved for loans will be able to customize their repayment terms according to their needs, and they will also be able to select loan types which are right for their business requirements.

Hotel Construction Financing is Available

We offer hotel construction financing. Loans amounts may be small, medium or large. Our seasoned professionals will give all approved borrowers detailed information about their financing plans and also explain every facet of the repayment system. The same loan options exist for motel construction.

We’ve created a Direct Commercial Funding system which allows business people to enjoy some “wait time” before repayment begins. This waiting period is designed to help businesspeople buy or build properties (and earn profits from them) before repayment in required. This extra time gives businesspeople the chance to regroup before repaying, and it this can make all of the difference when it comes to making hotel/motel projects into successes.

In addition, we offer loans for the purchase of hotels and motels.

Are Finance Options are Flexible

If you want to construct or buy a hotel or motel, you’ll find that our selection of traditional loans, bank loans and specialty loans offer your lots of choices. These loans feature fixed rates over a particular loan term, which is flexible. For this reason, we are a good choice for all loan amounts, from smaller loans to medium-sized loans to very large loans. In general, you may expect a high LTV percentage of up to seventy-five percent.

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