Senior Housing Loans

Cornerstone Lending offers a comprehensive array of senior housing loans for assisted nursing and living facilities. In fact, our company provides one of the biggest assortments of senior housing financing in America. These loans are designed to assist eligible sponsors and operators with accessing the practical and affordable financing options which they need and want.

Senior Housing Loan Facts

The financial services that we offer are delivered in accordance with current Fannie Mae guidelines for senior’s housing.

For example, our firm provides loans for multi-family senior’s housing under the Fannie Mae program. These loans offer sponsors and operators monies which may be utilized in order to access mortgages on specialized senior’s housing.

Loan Terms and Conditions are Flexible

Assumable loans of this type are available up to seventy-five percent LTV and loan sizes typically are over two million dollars (with non-recourse features). Multi-family senior’s housing loans come with fixed-rate terms of thirty years or less and these loans are available to seasoned operators, so that they may purchase select forms of senior’s housing.

Those who apply for these loans may seek out mortgages for their preferred housing type, from dementia care residences to assisted-living facilities to independent living structures. Loans will also work for combinations of housing types or for stand-alone units.

These loans are available to sponsors and operators who have extensive experience within this niche of the housing industry. Five years of relevant experience is required in order to be eligible. In addition, sponsors and operators must currently own five stabilized senior housing properties.

Loans may be accessed in any of the fifty American States and they are also available in Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

If you’re looking for financing for senior housing properties, you’ll find that our selection of standard loans, bank loans and specialty loans give you lots of options to consider. Since we do provide loans with flexible features, as well as flexible repayment options, we are able to meet the needs of most sponsors and operators.

We employ a team of senior housing loan specialists, so you’ll find that we have the manpower to review your loan application quickly. In addition, you’ll be pleased to discover that we have streamlined the loan application process by keeping necessary paperwork to a minimum.

Now that you know more about our company, you may wish to apply for this type of loan today. When you do, you’ll receive customer service which is caring and professional. Whether you need a small, mid-sized or big loan, you’ll find that our range of senior housing loan options give you the flexibility that you need.

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